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Scope of Services

Preliminary Analysis

We provide administration and guidance for procurement of all consultants, including requests for proposals, contract negotiations, determination of services and review of consultants’ schedules

In conjunction with the project architect, we facilitate all consultant coordination, submittals and approvals, including building department review meetings, board or sponsor meetings and required presentations.

Design Review and Coordination

It is critical to review design documents during development and advise on selection of materials, building systems and equipment. We provide recommendations on feasibility of construction methods, availability of materials and their impact on schedule and maintenance.

Early review of regulations (cost, function and schedule) related to local building and zoning codes, landmark regulations and any other restrictions set forth by the architect, code consultant, co-op or condominium board, as applicable.

Review drawings and specifications with architect and other project consultants to confirm proper coordination among all design professionals to eliminate ambiguities or potential conflicts that would result in additional costs or delays. Evaluate base systems and coordinate value-engineering efforts to determine the impact of design decisions as they relate to budget and schedule.

Bid Process

Review with the owner the credentials and past performance of proposed vendors and contractors.

Advise on the construction contract format and bid package and oversee the bidding process, including analysis, leveling and negotiation of contractor, subcontractor and material vendor bids, verification of the manpower availability and quality of work.

Negotiate the construction contract terms and conditions and assist in the preparation of the final contract document.

Construction Oversight and Management

Conduct project meetings to ensure that all individual components are working in tandem and monitor the progress of all teams during the construction process. Conduct on-site meetings to assure that the execution, quality of materials and workmanship conform to the specifications and nature of the project.

Maintain a timetable and request work flow changes if necessary to prevent delays. Establish and implement Charge Order procedures and monitor the response time of design teams to inquiries from contractors in order to minimize the potential for delay claims. Analyze and verify the need for change orders, negotiate their cost and verify any claims of delays or conflicts.

Establish a rolling punch list, monitor completion and report deviations. Provide photo documentation of site progress as well as MEP rough-in layout and locations for future reference after completion of construction.

Cost Management

Create and maintain a detailed project budget for each phase. Implement procedures for submission and verification of payment requisitions.

Manage and track all individual consultant, contractor, subcontractor and material vendor costs against the project budget and in coordination with the bid process.

Track all project balances and distribute approved payments to all parties. Verify that all payments coordinate with approved requisitions and coordinate the project cash flow requirements with the owner.

Post Construction

We observe the final testing and start-up of utilities, operational systems and equipment with the owner’s architect and/or engineer and verify delivery of all instructions and manuals.

At the completion of the construction elements that are approved by the Department of Buildings, we ensure the issuance of electrical, mechanical, structural and plumbing sign-offs and the Letter of Completion or Certificate of Occupancy, as the case may be.

We transmit all warranties and similar submittals required by the contract document for the project. Deliver all keys, manuals, record drawings and maintenance information. Finally, we execute on behalf of the owner all required maintenance contracts with vendors such as, HVAC, A/V, etc. to ensure proper function of systems after the project’s completion.